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Best Books for Teens All time

Best Books for Teens

The love for science fiction among young adults is undeniable. Over the years science fiction authors have been putting out some of the best books for teens. Good books for young adults should highlight some of the themes relevant to the young generation and cast characters that they can relate to. Now that teens are still growing and gradually understanding the world around them, best new fantasy books play a big role in providing exposure and developing their opinions about life. Additionally, the best books for teens expand their creativity and imagination. This helps to shape their character as and what they believe in. Luckily, these are some of the key components incorporated of the best new fantasy books available out there.

 Why Teens Need to Read Books

  • Help them to get into college

A good grasp of the English language can be attained by reading fantasy books series or novels. Teens are advised to read more top fantasy books and science fiction novels as they are captivating. By so doing, they get to widen their vocabulary. Nonetheless, reading exposes their young minds to different writing styles. Generally, reading improves literacy alongside reading and writing skills. All this enhance their capabilities as students and may come in handy in their academic progress to college.

  • Improve Communication

Top fantasy books are well-written with simple and sophisticated vocabulary used appropriately in sentences. Young adults can emulate such skills and use them to improve how they communicate.


  • For Fun

Reading top fantasy books is fun. They take readers out of the ordinary into an imaginary world defined by mystery, action, humor and uncertainty. Enjoying the best new fantasy books are a great way to pass time.

  • To Get Inspiration

It is no secret that fantasy stories revolve around humanity. Regardless of the characters used, sci fi stories are meant to depict human behavior as members undergo normal experiences. At the end of the day, there is something unique to learn from every story. Love, persistence, kindness and selflessness are some of the lessons that can be drawn from fantasy book series or novels.

  • To Win Essay Contests

What can be more interesting than making money from your passion for fantasy stories? From time to time different books host periodic essay contests that reward young readers with cash prizes.

10 Best Books For Teens

The following are some of the best new fantasy books that young adults can check out:


It’s an amazing high fantasy series exemplified by a diverse cast of characters, a well-written imaginative story, not to mention themes applicable to young adults.  One of the best attributes of this terrific fantasy book series is that it sheds light on powerful topics such as gender, race, ethnicity, culture, disability and socioeconomic diversity. J.J. Excelsior has emerged as true legend when it comes to writing good books for young adults. It is indeed the best book for teens considering that it has periodic essay contest that rewards cash prizes to teens. This is a compelling read to add to your must-read books.


Claudia by Mary McCoy is an incredible classic meant for youthful minds. This is owing to the fact that it casts young characters that teens can relate to. The story explores the life of Claudia, a youthful historian who is involved in student leadership at the Imperial Day Academy. However, her remarkable bravery to stand up to a corrupt honor council at IDA makes her exceptional. It is her resolute persona and unwavering courage that propels Claudia to the highest ranks of student leadership. Nonetheless, leadership is not a walk in the park for her at IDA. She has to put up with controversy and political drama. It is up to her to utilize her power appropriately in effecting change. Claudia is among good books for young adults revisiting themes that are powerful and relevant in modern day society where women empowerment is a top priority.


A catchy storyline alongside a glamorous plot are some of the attributes that place After the Fire among top fantasy books. Will Hill begins the story on a high note with the main character Moonbeam, a seventeen-year-old trying to escape a fire that razed down her home taking everyone she loved along with it. This is only a premonition of more trouble as she later finds herself in psychiatric care. The storyline introduces us to the strict life under the Lord’s Legion spearheaded by Father John. Interestingly, the fantasy story displays an exquisite style alternating between the present life of Moonbeam and a past life of Father John. Will Hill has gained foothold in the literature world as one of the best science fiction authors thanks to his unique style and creativity.



This excellent fantasy story was put together by Katherine Locke as a second sequel of her fantasy book series. Besides standing out among best new fantasy books, the historical fantasy novel employs idolized science fiction themes such as time travel and magic. The Spy With the Red Balloon is set in the years just before World War II came to an end. IIse a physics genius and Wolf are Klein’s siblings who are coerced into serving the U.S army after their magic powers are noticed.  While Wolf is sent on a mission to Europe, Ilse is bestowed with the task of developing an atomic bomb in the U.S. However, Ilse is at crossroads, having to decide between serving his intended purpose and saving a girlfriend that is accused of treason. Will brains and magic be their way out or will the girl take him down the drain? A compelling story matched with gorgeous characters spice up the fantasy series.


Mackenzi Lee narrates the story of an ambitious girl who fights against all odds to become a doctor. Being Mackenzi’s second book we meet Felicity – Monty’s sister – from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. Felicity aspires to become a doctor but her dreams are shattered due to her gender in England. She is presented by an opportunity to pursue her dream in Germany but lacks the financial capability to follow through. However, she jumps on a chance offered by a mysterious woman who is willing to fund her if she agrees to smuggle her into Germany. The story gets more interesting when the true nature and intention of the woman is revealed.


On a Sunbeam is a beautiful piece of art put together by Tillie Walden who is also accredited for writing Spinning. The graphically described fantasy story is told through Mia. Mia is a member of a space crew composed of females only. We are reminded of her past love life with Grace at boarding school. Working alongside Grace on the space crew reignites her hopes of rekindling their lost chemistry.


The Rising Gold is an epic fantasy book series by one of most promising science fiction authors, Ava Jae. It is a second sequel coming after the charming fantasy story Beyond the Red. It is centered upon the Safara people who look up to Eros and Kora for rule and guidance. The two have to make tough decision that even put the people they love at risk.


As much as Anouk is not mortal she has a strong desire to live and love as a human. Her situation gets more devastating as she is a Beastie living in form of a girl that is locked up in a Parisian prison. This is orchestrated by her creator, a witch and an underground magical society seeking to discipline her for a wrong that she is falsely accused of.  Her only way to freedom is to collaborate with a fellow Beastie and break the spell. Megan Shepherd introduces readers to an alluring realm of mystery and magic that deserves maximum concentration.


Claire Legrand has rocked the science fiction world with top fantasy books before including a Furyborn, a New York Times bestseller. Her seamless ability to write good fantasy books is yet again proven in Sawkill Girls. The Sawkill Girls include Zoey, Val and Marion. There is a mystery looming over Sawkill Rock Island with the disappearance of girls at birth. The Sawkill Girls intend to unravel the strange happenings that are haunting the island after Zoey’s pal disappears.


Damsel is another sci fi thriller that stands out among the best new fantasy books in modern literature. Meticulously put together by Elana K. Arnold, the fantasy story treats us with the great themes defined by dragons, magic, mystery and fairies. It is common tradition for a prince to slay a dragon – rescue a damsel and make her bride – before assuming power upon the passing of the king. This is known to everyone except Ama who is rescued by Prince Emory in order to be made queen. Will Prince Emory and Ama hold the kingdom together? Read to find out more.

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