Now that the festive season is almost here, it is high time to start thinking about presents. It is only right to buy nice things for your loved ones. Sometimes it is not all about the monetary value. It is vital to consider the impacts of what you present to the people that you love. A book would be a phenomenal choice to add to your gift basket in this regard. Whether it is a science fiction novel, cookbook or an atlas, books tend to enrich lives immensely regardless of age. For instance, fantasy books for adults create a forum for people to connect through the themes and ideas depicted. Good holiday books should definitely be personal, thrilling and captivating. The title also matters a lot. Below are more reasons why I strongly believe you should choose books as best gifts 2018:

Books Are Pocket Friendly

Unlike toys or computer gadgets, books are quite affordable. This way you can express affection to your loved ones without having to break into a bank. Hardcovers are pricey but you can still find second hand science fiction novels or recipe books in good shape.

Books Make People Better

People feel loved when presented with gifts. Books are the best gifts 2018 for you to offer. They have a more personal appeal since they do not wear out fast. Giving someone a book is similar to sending them on a long vacation to a large imaginative world. Such a feeling can trigger a start of a great relationship with whoever receives the gift.

Books Are Thoughtful Presents

Getting a book for someone during holidays leaves a long-lasting impression about how highly you regard them. It proves that you care about their interests especially if it is a title that they cherish. A good number of people love great fantasy books. There are plenty of new fantasy books to choose from.

Books Are Easy To Wrap

You do not have to break a sweat to wrap up a book. That is the best thing about them. Nevertheless, they are quite portable making it easy for you to present your Christmas gift to your loved one.

They Can Last A Lifetime

Great books will be treasured for a lifetime. Science fiction novels touch on some of the most powerful themes or topics. There is a wide range of great fantasy books that you can select from to inspire you friend or loved ones. Most importantly, they can be read for ages without wearing out.

 10 Best Books for Christmas

A key attribute to keep in mind while selecting holiday books for your ones is to prioritize what they love. There are a lot of books in the category of the best fantasy books 2018 that you can choose from if they like science fiction. Some of the great fantasy books are listed here:


 World Shaken Guardians of the Zodiac I is an exciting thriller that transcends the mystical world, banking on a diverse cast of characters and exceptional imagery. It is one of the best fantasy books 2018 thanks to the great sense of escapism that it provides. The book is not just a favorite among other science fiction novels; you can also shortlist is among the best gifts 2018 for Christmas. This is basing on the fact that it features positive ideas for the New Year. Plus, the vital lessons depicted in great relationships within the book can be used to start a romance.


 The 13th Gift is a remarkable piece of art put together by Richard Paul Evans and Greg Kincaid. It is a very relevant book for the Christmas Holidays as the themes depicted resonates with the mood embedded in festive season. The captivating sci fi novel tells the story of how a grieving and devastated family finds strength and happiness through a string of random acts of kindness. Joannes Huist Smith is a mother of three children recovering from the sudden death of her husband. Her greatest worry is whether she will remain composed and manage to cater for her kids now that Christmas is approaching. However, to her surprise, she starts receiving presents from anonymous people just 12 days to Christmas. She struggles to unravel the mystery behind her “True Friends”. Nonetheless, the gifts relieve the family of its sorrow. It is a truly inspiring read that you can wrap up for a friend or family member.


The book is composed of a compilation of hilarious essays that are meticulously crafted. Jen Mann, a best-selling author shares her exceptional and uncut perception on undesirable holiday traditions. She tackles everything from mothers who go overboard with decorations to folks who write Christmas cards in third person not to mention horrible gifts. Nonetheless, she goes on to recount some of the disgusting holiday experiences that she has undergone. Some of which she strongly believes should be done away with. As much as the book lacks a consistent storyline, it carries a strong message that relates with time-honored holidays. Spending the Holidays with People I Want to Punch in the Throat is among the best gifts 2018 offering vital holiday lessons.


With yet another festive mood in the air, Linda Raedish has the perfect gift for the season. The novel’s unique style and imagery places it among top science fiction novels. It dwells on some of the best motifs in science fiction including mystery, witchcraft and magic. The Old Magic of Christmas introduces us to a world of veiled spirits, elves along with beastly creatures and how they relate with Christmas celebration. Interestingly, it reveals that Christmas was actually occasioned by witches and ghosts. With stunning illustrations from amazing characters, the book goes on to unravel the secrets of bonding with the spiritual realm in addition to enjoying Christmas through exquisite cookie recipes and instructions for making decoration crafts.


Susan Waggoner tries to revisit nostalgic childhood memories about holidays and Christmas in particular. It’s a Wonderful Christmas is ingeniously created to paint a rational picture of the American Yuletide icons back in the mid-20th-century. It gives a true reflection of how festivities went down back in the day, a feeling that is invoked in most people during Christmas. The author tries to draw what it was like, highlighting some of the vintage Christmas cards, songs and popular ads during this period. The novel brings out excellent imagery that readers can easily relate with.


It is true that Christmas is all about joy and celebration yet some people still feel empty in spite of the festivities. However, Resting Merry by Duane S. Montague may be the ideal book for anyone in similar state. It is all about finding inner peace, reassurance and happiness during holidays through Resting Merry.  The book features a creative style making it warm, humorous and inspirational.


Robert Tracy McKenzie’s The First Thanksgiving touches on matters of American spiritual identity and nationalism from a pilgrim point of view. Written by one of the most prolific authors of all time, the book delves into the birth of the harvest feast and how it came to be an American holiday. Additionally, the story pinpoints the significance of the holiday to Christians and the origin of America with pilgrims at the center of it all. It is a great book with a powerful message that you can reflect upon and appreciate holidays as well as whet they stand for.


Christmas is a spiritual holiday that is not only meant for us to celebrate life but to also give gratitude to those who enrich it and brighten our hearts. The Little Books of Thanks incorporates inspirational words, powerful quotes alongside great illustrations courtesy of moving animal photos.


Rick Steves and Valerie Griffin team up to venture into a diverse realm of culture and traditions that are predominant across Europe. They provide detailed insight into the influence of music, paganism and Christianity to the birth of Christmas. Besides that, the book reveals how different countries in Europe celebrate their holidays. This is done through stunning photos, thoughtful intuition and a wide array of recipes. Rick Steves’ European Christmas offers an exclusive channel to learn a new aspect about Christmas.


Witch Coloring Book by Coloring Book Café is one of the few exceptional fantasy books for adults. Other than being listed among great fantasy books, the novel burrows into the depths of magic, witchcraft defining the symbols used, ancient rituals and portions. Travel through the world of fantasy with captivating illustrations of spell-binding ritual scenes and casting spells.

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