how to Be a Woman

Books that Taught Me how to Be a Woman

Books that Taught Me how to Be a Woman

In a world where society is skewed towards the male gender, there is dire need for women to reclaim their lost glory and alter the status quo. This can be done through inspiration and enlightenment. One of the best ways to achieve that is through good fantasy books. Indeed, women can find comfort and solace through reading the best new fantasy books by influential female science fiction authors.

What makes a great book for girls and women?

Unlike other books, top fantasy books for girls or women should incorporate some gender-specific aspects. To begin with, they should give girls examples of strong female characters. This helps them to imagine themselves in inspirational roles strengthening the impact of the themes passed across. Similarly, the best new fantasy books for girls ought to widen their creativity and imagination. Most importantly, the book should play a key role in nurturing their identity as strong free women.

Why girls need to read books.

To improve smarts and as a result, confidence

Knowledge is power. The same applies to reading fantasy book series. Through reading best new fantasy boo, girls can expand their vocabulary base, master essential writing skills and improve their communication capabilities as well. Such attributes enhance their confidence hence making them more competitive out there. Women need to overcome sexism, discrimination, domestic violence among other obstacles to get to the top. This is not attainable if they lack someone to look up to. That is why they need good books for young adults to rekindle their girl power.

To influence the world in way only women can

Women need each other to effect change across the world. Good fantasy books have a long-lasting impact on the readers. Female authors know how to channel messages effectively through top fantasy books. By reading the books, women are motivated to stand up for their rights and raise a red flag whenever things go wrong.

Because females make up half the world

It is no secret that women make up half the world. It is sad that they have failed to own up to their rightful half. It is through fantasy stories marred with feminist themes that they can awake from their slumber and swing into action. Success stories and victories from female characters or heroines can be inspirational and motivating.

10 Best Books for Teens

The following is a list of books with women-empowering themes that you should check out:


World Shaken: Guardians of the Zodiac I is one of the best books for teens. It is a stunning fantasy story written by a young female author J.J. Excelsior. The amazing fantasy book series features strong female characters. Nonetheless, it depicts the world from the perspective of a woman, without alienating or excluding males. As a top fantasy book, it helps females imagine themselves in fascinating and exciting roles unlike any other book. Moreover, the fantasy book series affirms girls of all types featuring female characters that have a variety of looks. This is in addition to illustrations of those amazing women and girls like Celeste, the leader and executive of the entire Milky Way galaxy, Sandy, the Highest Aires and the best “gunman” in the galaxy. It also highlights relationship between women and unique romances, too. Each woman has her very own story; complex, imaginative, descriptive, and perfectly captivating.



Hunger is the perfect definition of a good fantasy book. The book features a witty compilation of Roxane Gay’s personal life experiences. Roxane also happens to be the author of the fantasy story. She takes us down the memory lane, recounting the painful struggles she underwent as a young girl. Sadly, she was sexually assaulted at only 12 years old. Roxane had to live with this and it gradually transformed into trauma as she grew up. In order to suppress her trauma and gain some emotional support, she resorted to abusive relationships and overeating. As one might guess, her tactics to numb her inner feelings only inflicted more harm eventually. Nonetheless, she managed to regain self-love and trust by confronting her past as well as sharing her stories through writing. It is indeed a touching story spelling hope for readers and solace to survivors.


Naomi is ranked among the best science fiction authors. She consistently churns out good books for young adults, addressing issues that conform to feminism.  In The Power she delves into girl freedom and female independence as a way out of harsh realities that haunt the society.  The story introduces readers to a world that is at the edge of extinction as a result of an invasion by aggressors. However, the future of the world hangs in the hands of young women who wield the power to produce painful electric shocks.  They have to battle the aggressors and an existing government that is always aggressive. In the end, The Power is a remarkable fantasy story that evokes hopefulness for girls and women at large.


The book ventures into the most sensitive topics of all time, gender imbalance and racism. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere is ingeniously put together by ZZ Packer, an outstanding name among science fiction authors. Packer narrates the struggles sustained by women in a racial and male dominated space in America. In one episode, a woman from an all-black Brownie tries to enlighten an all-white Brownie troop regarding racism. This done in a bid make life easy for a black freshman at Yale University who is struggling to fit in.  Each episode is nostalgic as it echoes the daily hardships that girls and women have cope with at times in order to succeed.


While most authors may beat around the bush when it comes to sensitive issues, Peggy Orenstein is not one to shy away from tackling them head on. In her novel Don’t Call Me Princess she hits the nail on the head with a brilliant and confident take on feminist issues. Her exceptional creativity goes without mentioning. Using a captivating storyline and personal experience, she highlights powerful themes including motherhood as well as perils of teenage pregnancy. This compelling fantasy story stands out among the best books for teens and is particularly relevant to girls and their empowerment. Peggy’s unique perspective on feminism makes her one of the best science fiction authors.


The story introduces readers to a different perception on feminism from a heroine’s point of view. Its cast of characters includes activists such as Alicia Garza and Charlie Craggs as well as Hollywood stars like Saoirse Ronan and Keira Knightly. Basically the novel incorporates a gorgeous mix of poems, essays and short stories assembled by Scarlett Curtis who doubles up as an activist and journalist. The book also gives insight on the “me too” movements and how readers can join or be instrumental to the cause.


Sylvia Path is an influential author who is known for good fantasy books with powerful women-empowering themes.  The Bell Jar is a good read not to mention the fact that it is also among my top fantasy book recommendations. It features a fascinating imagery with Esther Greenwood as the lead character. Esther is an immensely gifted young woman that is concerned about the existing oppressive government. However, her mental health deteriorates after being slapped with academic rejections. Although the fantasy story was published in 1963 it has managed to stand the test of time thanks to its unique take on mental health and gender imbalance.


The Sun And Her Flowers is Rupi Kaur’s second anthology after making her debut with Milk And Honey. Both books are composed as short-form poetry. Kaur gets assaulted sexually while grieving the unprecedented end of her long-term relationship. The awful experience leaves her traumatized. She struggles to love herself again. Her venture into self-love helps her to explore her roots. She draws inspiration from her immigrant mother and other female ancestors. Through her quest she learns to treasure her own freedom. Her book gives readers a detailed outlook on global feminist problems that girls face.


Feminism Is for Everybody by Bell Hooks is an all rounded book when it comes to addressing feminist problems. It touches on almost everything including domestic violence, reproductive rights, sexism and oppression. The book insists that everyone can stand up for the rights of the female gender. Hooks capitalizes on her delightful style and a convincing tone. Her masterpiece is truly phenomenal in amassing support for the welfare of women globally.


The Argonauts is among Maggie Nelson’s fantasy books series that has garnered a huge audience among best new fantasy books. Nelson tells her own story; how she fell in love with Harry Dodge who happened to be gender-fluid.   The love culminates into marriage way before the passing of Proposition 8 back in 2008. Fast forward, Dodge gets underway with the transitioning procedure while Nelson gets pregnant.  Nelson’s fantasy story brings to light issues revolving around family, marriage and gender role.

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