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The Best Fantasy Book Guardians of the Zodiac Character Descriptions

The Best Fantasy Book Guardians of the Zodiac Character Descriptions


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Xenobia (Zen∙o∙b∙a) (Pisces Sign)

Xenobia bears the seal of Pisces, making her the Highest Pisces of the Milky Way Galaxy. This Pisces guardian has a strong body, beautiful features, an honorable demeanor and a kind heart. She has dramatic stature, standing head and shoulders above all mortals and has a crown of long, shimmering white hair. Her eyes are those of a true fish sign, silver-colored soul-piercing eyes. She is a guardian who loves her mortals and cares deeply for the ocean on Neptune. A guardian who has a beautiful voice and sings in her sleep. Her water garments would complement her beauty and orange veins on her tanned skin. Self-assurance is one of her qualities which makes her a responsible and caring leader who nurtures her mortals. Her easy, light-heated humor makes her easy to talk to.

Azare (Az∙are) (Virgo Sign)

Azare is the Virgo guardian. She is intellectual, composed, and lovely. She has bright eyes and shocking electric frizzy hair. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in any other part of the universe. Azare maintains a strict diet of pastries, puddings, creams, and other sweets. She loves to fill her plate but her cup is often only half full. Azare tends to see the dark side of things. It makes her rational but also pessimistic. I don’t know if Azare disapproves of her body but I am certain she feels very self-conscious about her physical attributes. She even hides her body with a cloak even though she an effortlessly pleasant figure. Azare carries a sweet lavender scent. I would say Aare is the most rational guardian of the twelve, but she is at an emotional disadvantage because she hides her tender feelings by repressing them. Azare lives on the cool blue planet of Mercury which she shares with Tormod, the Gemini guardian—more on him later.

Gia (Gee∙ah) (Aquarius Sign)

Gia is the Aquarius guardian of the Milky Way galaxy. She is generous, cerebral, and a little misunderstood by her fellow guardians. She has gifts only found in Aquarians. Gia has shoulder-length jet black hair with dark almond-shaped eyes. She wears long dresses, typically a shade of white to compliment her warm deeply tanned skin tone. Gia stands over 8 feet tall, making her one of the shorter guardians in the group. Her distinct teeth brighten her smile. Gia is surely the most enlightened of the guardians. She understands the universe better than the others but Gia can have a selfish nature. She rules Uranus. On a planet of deserts she inexplicably manages to smell of a saline ocean breeze.

Nefsunsi (Nef∙sun∙si) (Libra Sign)

Nefsuni is the Libra guardian; charming, stunning and urbane. Gifted with soft dark skin, and deep brown eyes, Nefsunsi spreads natural warmth and charm wherever she goes. A symphony of sound accompanies Nefsuni wherever she walks because she is always decked out in gold ornaments and jewelry. They cling and clack like a wonderful symphony with her every move. Nefsuni is diplomatic and statesman-like. She is the best winner of hearts and minds in the galaxy but has the capacity to indulge in moral ambiguousness. The Libra guardian is completely likable and has a curious relationship with Atalanta, the Taurus guardian, with whom she shares the planet of Venus.

Atalanta (At∙a∙lan∙ta) (Taurus Sign)

Atlanta is the Taurus guardian; beautiful, conservative and embodying the polar opposite of Nefsunsi. Atalanta has a fair skin tone, chilling blue eyes and hair lighter than sunshine. She typically wears simple blue tunics, accessorized with basic golden sandals. Atalanta is the most stable of the guardians. Sometimes, she is a bit too comfortable with the status quo. It can take overwhelming circumstances to push her into necessary changes.

Magnocer (Mag∙no∙zer) (Scorpio Sign)

Magnocer is the Scorpio guardian; robust, bold and resolute. He is a guardian who gives hope to his beloved mortals and one who values his pride above anything and everything else. Magnocer has a strong physique with amber eyes and a handsome face. Magnocer is dependable and supportive when it comes to taking care of his planet Pluto. He would incinerate anything that threatens the peace of his Scorpio people. Magnocer is at once self-righteous, principled and deeply untrusting.

Santrista (San∙trist∙a) (Aries Sign)

Santrista is the Aries guardian; passionate, sarcastic and bull-headed. She is always armed from the top of her head to the tip of her toes and is the strongest shooter among the guardians. Santrista has a deep pink skin tone with delicate and slanted red eyes. A strong red aura surrounds her athletic body, and her only weakness may be her pride. Santrista cares for the mortal Aries on the planet Mars. She is exciting, daring, and a talented dancer. Still, Santrista is prone to bleed sarcasm in the midst of serious situations. She is the bravest of them all..

Tormod (Tor∙mod) (Gemini Sign)

Tormod is the Gemini guardian; valiant, compassionate and a little wicked. He wears a long red overcoat over his tall frame and walks in maroon-colored boots. Tormod has cinnamon-colored skin a curious long raven braid that complements his character. Tormod is a co-guardian with Azare on the planet Mercury. Although disarming and approachable, Tarmod can sometimes be manipulative, changeable, and shallow.

Serenity (Ser∙en∙i∙ty) (Cancer Sign)

She is the Cancer guardian; calm, collected and rational. She dislikes conflict and instead prefers a quiet and simpler existence. Serentiy has long lavender hair and a silver metallic skin tone, she is very secretive and refuses to reveal  her true aims and goals.  Serentity lives on the Moon. While she is thoughtful and level-headed, she is very sensitive. She can maintain a grudge indefinitely, even unknowingly. She is sister to Mika, the Leo guardian and protector of the Sun.

Mika (My∙kah) (Leo Sign)

He is the Leo guardian; powerful, aggressive and courageous. Mika is is bold and cares nothing of critics. He does what he believes is right and just—even when it is actually neither. Mika has a substantial ego and can seem self-absorbed. Still, Mika is the guardian with the best natural leadership qualities in the galaxy. As the sun guardian, he is the leader of the Milky Way Galaxy, also known as the solar system.

Advilian (Ad∙vil∙e∙an) (Sagittarius Sign)

He is the highest Sagittarius; spirited, lean, and cognitive. Advilian wears a silk outfit and has long straight blonde hair which sways about his shoulders when he walks. He has hazel brown eyes and a towering frame. This guardian has the highest technical intellect of the guardian, which makes this otherwise warm guardian seem aloof and unrelatable.

The Child of Saturn (“Saturn”) (Sat∙urn) (Capricorn Sign)

The Child of Saturn is the Capricorn guardian; suspicious, composed and faithful. He is 4 feet tall and has a childlike figure, which compliments his soft voice and a pleasant aura. Inexplicably, everyone feels happy inside around Saturn, guardian and mortal alike. He can be fatalistic, secretive, and morally flexible. Saturn is self-assured without being egomaniacal.

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