“How-To” Books To Make Money 2019

“How-To” Books To Make Money 2019

With adequate preparation and good timing we can excel at just about anything, even making money. If teens and young adults are introduced to financial situations and money management early, they are likely to become excellent at making coins. It is vital to ensure that teens and kids are equipped with basic financial knowledge across the board. Books are excellent tools to teach about money making. Additionally, considering the fact that teenagers, kids, and even adults love fantasy stories in English, these are great mediums to impart money making advice.

Why make money?

The importance of money is really self-evident. Money, although, is at the center of our existence, is not the most important thing in life. As much as it cannot buy life, it can secure us a few more years through proper medical care. Also, money can get us a good education and provide a comfortable life for our loved ones. It is integral in amassing the necessary resources required in achieving our dreams.

How do books help us to earn more dough?

Books can show us how others did it.
Books feature success stories of other entrepreneurs and examples of accomplished business models. We can draw motivation from such people or plans, learn for failures and make informed decisions.
Good books gives us ideas on how we can do it too
Knowledge is power. With proper information you can easily accomplish anything, including increasing your wealth. Books can provide a road map with which we can follow to achieve money making plans.

What makes a great book on money-making?

The best money-making book tends to be democratic. It applies an open approach to the topic providing different choices that are applicable to us. A variety of different types of people can benefit from the lessons and ideas in the book. Other than that, it is broad enough to reach different circumstances of us from geographic, nationality, gender, social-economic status, special ability status, and beyond.

By: J.J. Excelsior

Guardians of the Zodiac I is one of the best fantasy stories in English that explores real-life situation such a money-making plans through the lens of fantasy. It is a great fantasy book to read giving readers ideas on how to earn more money. This is achieved though inspirational characters such as the Sagat, the young Scorpio counselor to the Scorpio guardian, Magnocer; and Aaron,the brilliant teenaged counselor to the Pisces guardian. These characters interface with powerful guardians and through ingenuity, courage, and dedication, earn a place of prominence and wealth in theirworlds.


world shaken best fantasy book

The Money We’ll Save
By: Brock ColeBrock Cole is a celebrated novelist and synonymous among the most popular fantasy authors. He brings us an enchanting story of a family that is preparing for the festive season. Pa brings home a turkey convincing Ma that they should raise it and have it fatten so that it can be ready for Christmas dinner. This way they can cut on some expenses and save too. Nonetheless, a crisis is looming over their heads owing to the fact that they live in tiny flat in New York. They are forced to share their small room with the turkey so as to attain their goal. The Money We’ll Save, ranked among top adult fantasy books, employs impeccable humor while remaining satisfactory.

The Money We’ll Save

A Chair for My Mother
By: Vera B WilliamsThrough an ingenious combination of a great story line and unparalleled imagery, Vera B. Williams delivers a great fantasy book to read. The book incorporates the story of a rich family whose house and property is consumed by fire. In a desperate move to get back on track, the family members agree to save up coins in a bid to purchase a new chair for their new home. Their ambitious venture is spearheaded by their mother – a waitress – who sacrifices all her money to contribute to the course. Through the combined efforts of a mother and her daughter they save up in a jar till it gets full. Thereafter, they buy a cute chair for the family. A Chair for My Mother is motivational and one of the best book for girls 2019.


A Chair for My Mother 

Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money
By: Emily JenkinsLemonade in Winter dwells on the life of young entrepreneurs, Pauline and John who are siblings. The two find a way of making extra dollars by trying out a lemonade-making business. Through their lemonade stand they sell lemon-limeade, limeade and lemonade after gathering a couple of supplies. Their venture turns out to be lucrative particularly during winter. Emily Jenkins’ story highlights some powerful themes, majorly entrepreneurship, that are applicable to teenagers. It is among the best books for teens 2019, emphasizing on persistence and trust.

Lemonade in Winter A Book About Two Kids Counting Money


Those Shoes
By: Maribeth Boelts Those shoes is a fascinating money-making story put together by one of the most popular fantasy authors, Maribeth Boelts. Maribeth tells the story of Jeremy; a young boy who is being introduced to the disparity between wants and needs in life by his granny. Jeremy seeks to blend in with the rest of students at his school. He aspires to do this by getting a pair of sneakers that have become a common trend. His hopes for a new pair are cut short by his grandmother who elaborates the difference between what he wants and what they he really needs. However, Jeremy remains persistent in his quest for the trendy shoes. He finally gets a pair that turns out to be small. After sore feet become unbearable, he realizes that the loving friends and family around him are more valuable than what he wants. In the end, it is a great story that deserves a spot among best books for boys 2019 and life changing fantasy stories in English.


Those Shoes

The Everything Kids’ Money Book
By: Brette McWhorter SemberBrette McWhorter Sember is often mentioned among the most popular fantasy authors. The author stuns young minds with another educative book. This book celebrates free enterprise, investment and saving. Through different motivational strategies and success stories of former entrepreneurs, the writer tries to lure readers into following suit. It highlights simple ideas like saving for a new bike and making online investments. Further, the book touches on stocks and credit card. Basically, The Everything Kids’ Money Book bears relevant and substantial information on almost all the aspects of saving and investment.


The Everything Kids’ Money Book

National Geographic Kids Everything Money
By: Kathy FurgangNational Geographic Kids Everything Money does not just stand out among the best books 2019 it also dominates any list with the best books for teens 2019. This book by Kathy Furgang is rich with knowledge, critical lessons on investment and facts about money. It is an interesting read for young minds coupled with engaging photos and illustrations.

National Geographic Kids Everything Money

The Money Class: A Course in Basic Money Management for Teens and Young Adults
By: Michael MinyardAs the titles suggests, the book delves into the fundamentals of money management for teens and young adults. Michael Minyard closes in on a topic that is rarely tackled by the most popular fantasy authors. It is particularly applicable to teenagers at college or high school level. The book outperforms some of the best books for teens 2019. It is geared towards providing financial literacy so as to help the teens to make sound financial decisions.

The Money Class A Course in Basic Money Management for Teens and Young Adults

The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens: 8 Steps to Having More Money Than Your Parents Ever Dreamed Of
By: David GarnerDavid Garner breaks down the concepts of investment in an insightful manner. The book is detailed in a funny and cynical making it one of the best books for teens 2019. Focusing on the eight steps will definitely earn you more dollars and propel you to a higher echelon in the financial realm.

The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens 8 Steps to Having More Money Than Your Parents Ever Dreamed Of

Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique
By: Jane O’ConnorJane O’Connor introduces readers to a unique perception of money making and getting rich through an inspiring story. Her book features Fancy Nancy, a girl with innovative ideas for making money. Fancy Nancy can transform ordinary events into astounding occasions. She figures out how she can tap on her skills to get rich. It is the best book for girls 2019 and one of most remarkable fantasy stories in English.

Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique

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