top 10 fantasy books 2019

Top 10 Fantasy Books 2019

Fantasy is a popular literature genre that explores an imaginary universe or setting away from our daily norm. Some of the writers of the best fantasy novels have ventured beyond ordinary imagination and created stories with extraordinary characters as well as themes. Fantasy is a subgenre of fiction as the stories or individuals depicted are not real. The genre has been around for long gaining traction due to its undeniable charm. Writing fantasy and sci fi books involves pure creativity. No reference is required making it easy for talented authors to churn out new books, sequels and series consistently. Readers on the other hand adore the exquisite and glamorous plots, settings, storylines and characters brought out in sci fi books. Dragons, aliens, gods, and human-like animals are featured in the best fantasy novels.

Why People Love Fantasy and Sci-Fi Series

 Sci fi books are insanely alluring for several reasons. This is evident in the size of readership it attracts. Here is an exclusive explanation to science fiction mystery.

Fantasy thrives on impossibility. Most sci fi books incorporate an element of impossibility and incredulity. We do not interact with wizards, superheroes or time travelers anywhere in real life, but somehow they seem so cool while in fantasy books.

Real Life Is Boring. Fantasy fanatics tend to look for something different. People get the urge to escape reality every once in a while and the best science fiction books are a perfect getaway.

People Love Magic. Magic seems amazing although it can generally only be found in fairy tales. This is why gets kids to believe in the Santa Claus narrative. This is what people look for in sci fi books.

Fantasies Tell a Story Relating to Humanity: Whether it features the cosmos, giants or gods, the best science fiction books tend to be anchored in humanity. It makes it easier for readers to relate to the emotions, sacrifice, courage, defeats, flaws and victories highlighted in sci fi books.

A Beacon of Hope: Hope is the opium of the human race. The best fiction books paint this clearly and in vivid brushstrokes. New books in the sci fi genre try to prove that even the best of us are flawed. Somehow you are expected to be perfect in real life which is unattainable.  Science fiction books provide home and courage.

Top 10 Fantasy Books/Sci-Fi Book For 2019: I have made a collection of the best sci fi books 2019. You should be reading them because they have amazing sequels as well as new books in the series coming out. The collection has new books with great imagery, visuals and amazing stories. Check them out:


When the galaxy is threatened, it becomes imperative for humans and immortals to work together. World Shaken: Guardians of the Zodiac I is J.J. Excelsior’s first book in the World Shaken series. It is one of the best fantasy book series capturing action and adventure in a remarkable fashion. You should read it because it is a series with long-awaited sequel set to be released in 2019. Also, the World Shaken books feature such great imagery and visuals, as well as an amazing story. It might be adopted into a movie in the future. We are excited to continue with Excelsior’s twelve guardians of the zodiac.


Harry Potter is an all-time best fantasy book series for most science fiction lovers. It involves a funny and enchanting plot that is based on witchcraft and magic. In this sequel, Harry Potter is made aware of his capabilities as a wizard. This is after being mistreated by his new parents– uncle and auntie – who inherited him when the evil Voldemort killed his parents.


Norse Mythology is another fantastic creation in science fiction books drawing inspiration from ancient mythology revolving around gods, giants and dwarfs. The novel significantly dwells on the conflict between the gods Thor and Loki who are sons of Odin in Norse Mythology.


Artemis is an irresistible thriller crafted by the author of The Martian, a best-selling novel. The plot is set on the moon not to mention a captivating story line making it a top in other science fiction books. Artemis is the one and only city on the moon inhabited mostly by the high and mighty. Jazz Bashara is a criminal living in the city as well. She intends to smuggle something into the city with the potential of controlling Artemis itself.

The Frame-up book revolves around crime, love and romance. It’s the first book of The Golden Arrow Mysteries series whose story  line ventures into the life of heroine MG Martin. Michael-Grace works as a comic writer when crimes going down in Los Angeles start coinciding with what she writes in her comic book. This prompts the LAPD to seek out her expertise in nabbing the perpetrators. However, she gets caught up in a murder mystery.


Good Omens has everything to do with the apocalypse and the spiritual realm. It was first published back in 1990 by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The book tells story of an angel and a demon that enjoys living on earth in mortal bodies. They grow fond of the earthly lifestyle. Therefore, they strive to kill the Antichrist in order to prevent the world from coming to an end.

7.   1984

1984 is a powerful science fiction book that tackles the idea of power and authority in a unique perspective. The George Orwell’s masterpiece is based in London, a city within a totalitarian state. Now, the police within the state can read everyone’s mind thus subjecting them to oppression except for one resident, Winston Smith. It is up to Winston to try liberating the city from its oppressive Party. 1984 is a stunning piece of sci fi books designed to broaden your imagination.


This sci fi classic has cemented its place among best fantasy books 2019. Interestingly, it is the first volume highlighting the history of Targaryens in Westeros hundreds of years prior to the events depicted in Game of Thrones. George RR Martins takes us through the struggles sustained by House Targaryen in defending the iconic seat as well as a string of wars that ensued, shaking things in the dynasty.  Nonetheless, the book incorporates outstanding visuals and amazing imagery. You should read this because just like Game of Thrones, it is likely to be adopted into a movie in future.


Margaret Atwood captures a number of themes including religious politics, gender and power in her epic novel The Handmaid’s Tale. The book is set in the Republic of Gilead – with Offred as the main character – a country that is taken over by a brutal regime of terrorists after assassinating the president. The Handmaid’s Tale is an ingenious combination of humor, cruelty and uncertainty. It is a novel that you should add your bucket list now that it is among best sci fic books 2019.


Summer Knight is one of the best science fiction books. It turns out to be the fourth sequel of The Dresden Files series which featuring Harry Dresden, the world’s cherished wizard for hire. The author, Jim Buthcer, takes us through the mysterious world of a professional wizard who is stuck between ending his streak of misfortune and saving the world. The key to his freedom lies in unraveling the Summer Knight’s killer which would then clear the Winter Queen’s name. It is among the best fantasy books.

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